Types of No Sql Databases

What are the valid reasons to put DB in EC2 instances?

  1. Need DB Instance OS. (There is no real requirement for many of the cases)
  2. Advanced DB Option tuning and root level access to DB. (In AWS managed DBs, many options are available)
  3. Vendor demands. (Refer point 1)
  4. DB or DB Version requirement not provided by AWS managed products. (OK, now it's valid reason).
  5. Specific DB + OS requirement which AWS Provides (Also a valid reason).
  6. Specific resiliance or replication requirements which AWS may not provide (Again, another valid reason).
  7. Decision makers demand it. (Refer Point 1).

Problems with DB in EC2 instances.

  1. Admin Overhead, managing instance and host.
  2. Backups and DR management is complex and not automated.
  3. Not enough resiliance and high availability
  4. AWS managed database provide a lot of features which are not possible in DBs in Instances.
  5. Problem in scaling, and missing serverless advantages.
  6. Performance, the optimisation used by aws in managed products is not available in DBs in instances.

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